How to Trigger Alerts based on Agent Connectivity/Health Status in the SCSP Manager


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Agent Status (Online to Offline) Event generation and other Health Conditions can be configured for one or more agents in the Console by using the Agent Health Timeout settings dialog. 

1. The details on how to configure these settings to generate Agent "Communications" Management events is available in the SCSP Administration Guide under Chapter 3 Managing Assets – Viewing and configuring agent and group properties - Configuring agent health timeout settings. The subtopic "To configure agent health timeout settings for an agent" provides the necessary steps for configuring this on one or more agents. 

2. Once these events are generated, you can configure Alerts to be triggered based on these Communication events. Chapter 8 on Managing Alerts provides the information on creating alerts. In particular, if you want an alert to be triggered only when the Agent Health State changes, you can do so by using Alert Filters. For this specific use case, you can add an Alert Filter rule for the Field, Event Type Equals Communications (from the drop down list). Alternatively you can add the Event Field Operation Equals AGENT HEALTH CHANGE