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Verify a Symantec Encryption Management Server Upgrade - PUP Updating Process


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Encryption Management Server Gateway Email Encryption




To verify your upgrade - PUP Updating Process

  1. After Symantec Encryption Management Server restarts, log into the administrative interface.
  2. Select System > Updates

The migrated database schema may differ from the default schema in the current release. At the end of the upgrade, a schema diff tool detects any schema discrepancies. If discrepancies are found, an error message is written to the update log. The following links appear:

  • Download migration log file
  • Download backup log file

The update log contains pointers to the line numbers in the migration log, where update errors are detected. A typical error message in the update log will look like:

error found at line xxx in

  1. Click the appropriate link.
  2. Open or save the log file and review it.
  3. Repair the discrepancy error(s).
  4. Select the link Run migration script to rerun the schema checker. If an error has been resolved, its link no longer appears.
  5. If errors remain, call Technical Support to resolve the errors and stop them from appearing. The download links will continue to appear until you resolve your errors and have upgraded successfully.

Note: During PUP updates and migrations, for any release prior to version 3.2.0, ensure that the status of the Allow users to receive encrypted email check box is set in the Consumer Policy section as per your environment. For more information on the Consumer Policy, see the Symantec Encryption Management Server Administrator's Guide.