Installation of Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) on Standby Continuous Replication (SCR) cluster setup for Microsoft Exchange 2007.


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange




SMSMSE 7.x is certified to be installed on SCR environment.

SCR is disaster recovery (DR) solution for Exchange 2007. It uses the concept of sources and targets as active and passive copies of storage group.

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The source can be any of the following:

Stand-alone Mailbox server

Clustered mailbox server in a single copy cluster (SCC)

Clustered mailbox server in a Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR) environment

The target can be any of the following:

Stand-alone Mailbox server that does not have Local Continuous Replication (LCR) enabled for any storage groups

A standby cluster, which is a failover cluster where the Passive Clustered Mailbox role is installed, but no clustered mailbox server (e.g., no Active Clustered Mailbox role) has been installed in the cluster

Installing SMSMSE in SCR environment:
The installation of SMSMSE in SCR environment is quite straight forward. There is not any difference in installation steps for SCR than the normal installation on standalone exchange server. 
Following the installation steps from installation guide is enough. Installation guide contains details of how to install SMSMSE on standalone mailbox role, CCR and SCC environment. The installation of SMSMSE is dependent more on where the Exchange 2007 source is installed as per the possible source mentioned above.
1. If the SCR source is standalone mailbox role then installation steps are same as for normal SMSMSE installation on any Exchange 2007 server.
2. If the source is part of SCC then follow the steps for installing SMSMSE in SCC cluster for the source server only.
3. If the source is part of CCR then follow the same steps for CCR mentioned in implementation guide for source server only.
The target would be one of these two where there is no production mailbox. 
1. In case the target is the stand-alone mailbox which may not be used as production mailbox server, but would be used as database replication target. If it is used as production mailbox than it may have some databases mounted. Here apart from database copies from source there are mounted databases. In this case SMSMSE would be installed as it is installed today on any stand-alone mailbox role and SMSMSE can be used to scan the mailboxes through manual scan or On-access Auto-Protect. 
Usually the target is not used as production box.
2. In case of passive standalone cluster, only the passive mailbox cluster node is there and no CMS(Clustered Mailbox Server) is installed. That’s means is does not have any active databases. But when Site DR happens then this passive node is used to recover the source server from other site and the databases are mounted till the source site is repaired. SMSMSE should be installed on this passive node so that in site DR situation the mail security is taken care. SMSMSE need to be installed the same way it is installed in any CCR passive node.



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