How do I create a manual PXE boot image for WinPE and other automation types?


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How do I create a manual boot image for WinPE or other automation operating systems?


  1. Open the PXE Configuration Utility from the Tools pull-down menu in the Deployment Server console.
  2. Create a new boot menu item by clicking the New button.
  3. Enter a name for this configuration by entering it in the Name field.
  4. Under Pre-boot Image Properties, select the operating system type. Do not select Other unless your image type is not DOS, PE, or Linux. This will cause the ".0" boot file to not be created.
  5. Select your processor options and click the User Supplied button. Be aware that if you select the User Supplied option and you have multiple architecture types, then you will have to supply a different set of files for each type.
  6. Click Manual Boot Image and supply the path to the necessary files. For example with WinPE, you will need to include winpe.iso, winpe.sif, and the i386 directory among other boot files like the WinPE version of ntldr.
  7. After supplying the boot image files, the boot disk ".0" file will be created.