How to change a server address URL in email that comes from Helpdesk 6


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Helpdesk 6 does not generally send out email with the Helpdesk server's URL in it. If so, a custom email template has been created by the user to do this. This would need to be identified and the URL changed to reflect any actual change to the Helpdesk's URL as this is not automatic but is hardcoded into the template's HTML code.

The way that this works is as follows:

  • User submits an incident.
  • Helpdesk responds with a notify rule to the user.
  • The notify rule uses an email template.

Depending on how much the user is aware of how this process works in their environment, more or less of the following instructions will need to be followed to find and change the email template involved.

  1. In the Helpdesk worker console or the Incidents tab in the Altiris Console, click on the Incident search box on the command bar and type and find the incident that the email was sent from.
  2. On the incident page, review the "Notify rules" section. This should list the notify rule that is being searched for. There may be more than one listed, and so each may need to be evaluated. Make note of these for reference.
  3. Click on the Admin menu > Notify Rules > List Notify Rules.
  4. Click on a notify rule to evaluate, from step 2.
  5. Click o the View button.
  6. The "Send e-mail" value is the template being used.
  7. Click on the Admin menu > E-mail Templates > List E0mail Message Templates.
  8. Locate and click on the email template from step 2.
  9. Click on the Edit button.
  10. Change the HTML code that reference the server name to the correct new name.
  11. Click on the OK button. Note: If the email still shows up with the wrong server URL the wrong email template was edited.
  12. Repeat steps 4 through 11 as necessary for any other notify rules/email templates to be evaluated and changed.

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