DS7.5 Interesting (useful) Facts & Issues with the upgraded product.


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 There are a number of "issues" in the console that may cause some confusion in the initial 7.5 release, build 1597.  We'll attempt to document these here.


Issue More Information / Work-Around
Global Settings don't match

There is a Global Settings under Settings | Deployment and another under Settings | All Settings \ Deployment and Migration.  They are not the same option!  They are in fact named differently as well.  One is NBS Global Settings, and currently it contains information about MAC filtering.  The other is simply Global Settings, and it has only a default setting for how long the agent has to register while in automation.

Both options actually show up under Settings | All Settings.  The NBS Global Settings can be found under Settings | All Settings \ Notification Server \ Site Server Settings \ NBS Services.  Both of the NBS options are here.  The Global settings is named similarly but is not the same screen.

What is the "Registration Period" we keep seeing?

The new security model and support for SSL / HTTPS in the PECTAgent requires authentication and registration with the Notification Server.  More research needs to be done on exactly what this setting does, or the result if the registration does NOT occur within the constraints, but it can be safely assumed that this is the amount of time allowed to the client to register before it gives up or fails.

There are three places you will see this setting:

  • Settings | All Settings \ Deployment and Migration \ Global Settings
  • Task Type: Reboot To
  • Task Type: Prepare for Image Capture (which must include a reboot.

The first is the "default" for the Reboot To task and is set to 5 minutes by default.  The Reboot To task itself  can be modified to over-rule the first, though by default it will therefore show 5 minutes as well.  Interestingly, the third has a completely different setting from the default or the Reboot To task and is set to 30 minutes by default.

Security Warning appears when selecting / creating a task Some of the Deployment Tasks, when you select them after launching IE and the Console, may prompt you with a Security Warning indicating that some of the elements on the page will not be delivered over HTTPS and therefore may pose a security risk.  This can be safely ignored, is a known issue, and will only appear the FIRST time you look at any task in thsi state.  Once you've acknowledged it, then all other tasks, even if they pose the same risk, will not display the message, again, until you relaunch the console.
Deploy Image task has "missing" (hidden) options

The new design of the Deploy Image task may cause some confusion due to several portions of the task being "hidden" by default and found only in a 2 inch window, making some of the options easy to miss.  The following may be found in this small windows called "Deploy Image Options" and you should be aware of all of them every time you build this task.

First, expand these options by selecting the down-arrow.  Under it, there are 3 categories:

  • DeployAnywhere: This is a new section instead of just a hidden one, to expose a handful of DA options that were not available before.
  • Sysprep Configuration: This is where you indicate whether you are going to have Symantec generate an Unattend file for you based on inventory data, or if you are going to use your own custom unattend file.
  • Credentials: This section is where you enter necessary credentials to join a domain if needed.  The general use for this is if you also use the default inventory information to generate the Unattend file instead of a custom unattend file, AND the client system inventory information includes a domain which we'll try to return the system to.  It is recommended that in all other circumstances, including if the system will need to go into a custom / non-default OU, you should instead use the Apply System Configuration task.