Support Recommended Reading List for Deployment Solution 7.5 (updated May 30, 2014)


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This article contains a list of links to KB's that Support has found useful to DS 7.5 customers.    This article will also be used to highlight new developments or critical finds that Support would like to highlight for customers including new fixes or work-arounds for issues.  




Current Highlights:

Article Description
HOWTO95200 A document explaining the basics of and troubleshooting for Driver related issues in imaging, WinPE, DeployAnywhere, etc.
TECH212840 Error 183 returned during imaging - Generic 183 error troubleshooting
  Bootwiz fails to inject new drivers into WinPE based Preboot Environments on x86 Site Servers
TECH215457 DeployAnywhere fails to inject drivers present in the DriversDB
  Hard Disks are detected as Critical Devices causing DA and Scripted OS installs to fail



Getting Started and the Basics:

Article Description
DOC5131 IT Management Suite (ITMS) 7.5 Documentation (Release Notes, User guides)
HOWTO2169 A document that discusses capturing images with our agent installed.  This is most applicable to those who may wish to run Sysprep manually for any reason.
HOWTO93891 All about the NEW PXE process and troubleshooting it.  This does NOT include normal PXE error codes
HOWTO92285 Some potentially confusing issue in the new console, specifically targeting upgrade users, but also for new users.
HOWTO95220 Deciphering the DSTasks.LOG in Automation and how it interacts with the other logs (for troubleshooting)
HOWTO83750 Creating a stand-alone Bootable CD/Thumbdrive for booting to Automation that includes an Image
HOWTO95200 A document explaining the basics of and troubleshooting for Driver related issues in imaging, WinPE, DeployAnywhere, etc.
HOWTO95223 The new Driver Injection process (including DeployAnywhere) and how to troubleshoot it.



Common Questions and Product Limitations:

Article Description
TECH213789 When PXE booting, may be sent to production "some times" when you're supposed to go to automation.
TECH211339 Known Issue: Http imaging fails: 'Return code from Create Directory utility for folder - 1Error String -'
TECH213571 Known Issue: Long delay (about 5 minutes) before any jobs will run, when in automation (WinPE)
TECH212109 DS Site Services (for Task and/or Package) do not install as expected on existing task or package servers (generally applies to Windows 2003 servers).
HOWTO93837 A couple of scripts to force BootWiz to build a preboot configuration on a site server.  Single system / single build.  Might help with TECH211409
TECH211634 Known Issue: NBS Services are missing on an NBS Site Server (the rest of the files are probably there, and it shows functional in the console)
TECH212838 Known Issue: Images imported using the Resource Import Tool do not get replicated to site servers
TECH212840 Generic Error 183 Troubleshooting.  This is a generic error that displays in the console but needs further research to find the actual problem.
TECH213004 Issues deploying to SSD drives
TECH213190 DSPS (Deployment Solution Package Server) components fail to install or work properly. Common with Windows 7 site servers but also on other OS's
TECH215008 KNOWN ISSUE: Images may be captured to, or deployed from, remote package servers instead of the local SMP server



Known Issues

Article Description Workaround?
  DA fails to copy newer drivers to target system even though they're present Yes - Manual
  DA detects Hard Drives as a Critical Device, and thus reports it is missing a critical driiver. Researching
  BootWiz fails to inject new drivers into WinPE Preboot on x86 Site Servers. Yes - Researching



Resolved Known Issues:

HF4 Fixes

   PXE fails to communicate with SMP if SSL is required on the SMP

HF3 Fixes

TECH213192 Slow Performance when capturing and deploying images.

HF2 Fixes

  Known Issue: X86 Automation folders fail to install on Windows 7 x64 systems
TECH212761 Known Issue: Site Server Agent (SMA) crashes when the DS "ClientPrebootPolicyChecker" runs, leaving the SMA in a stopped state
TECH211409 Known Issue: BootWiz does not execute after selecting to build or rebuild (e.g. post upgrade) a preboot environment
TECH212836 Known Issue: After HF1 upgrade, a new DS 7.5 HF1 product is listed with temporary licenses.

HF1 fixes

TECH211669 Upgrade / Installation of the 7.5 SMA may stop the Aclient (DS 6.9) agent service (not disable, just stop).
TECH212018 Errors occur when assigning jobs against Predefined Computers.
TECH212019 Reboot-To tasks fail for various reasons (including the one included in Prepare for Image Capture)