How to 'sync' the job title information in "job_title" between Service Desk Manager and Service Catalog
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How to 'sync' the job title information in "job_title" between Service Desk Manager and Service Catalog


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In CA Service Catalog(SC), a user’s job title is not in sync with the one(s) created and available in CA Service Desk Manager(SDM).


Windows and CA Service Catalog(SC) with integrated CA Service Desk Manager(SDM).


The explanation of this is that besides the table ca_job_title in the mdb database (used by SDM and SC), for CA Service Catalog(SC) there is an external .xml file too, holding the job title data.

Meaning that you need to maintain both the MDB(through SDM) and that .xml file (for SC), in case you have other than the ootb job title(s) in your environment.


The solution is to add a new line to the .xml file with the corresponding 'id' and 'name'.

The file to edit is: %USM_HOME%\view\webapps\usm\locale\icusen\usershared.xml file.

With an ootb content like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



                   <option value='7704'>Administrative Assistant</option>

                   <option value='7702'>CEO</option>

                   <option value='7705'>Director</option>

                   <option value='7706'>Manager</option>

                   <option value='7700'>President</option>

                   <option value='7703'>Programmer</option>

                   <option value='7707'>Supervisor</option>

                   <option value='7701'>Vice President</option>





The new line should look like this:

<option value='<your new id>'<your new title></option>


<option value='1234'>IS-SYSTEMS DEV III</option>


1. Determine the content of the new line.

1a. Retrieve the 'id' of the job title and execute the following query on the mdb database:

select id,name from ca_job_title where name = 'IS-SYSTEMS DEV III'

id                 name

1000010       IS-SYSTEMS DEV III

1b. Take the value of the column named 'id'(1000010).

2. Add a new line to the .xml file, above the </job_titles>-line.

<option value='1000010'>IS-SYSTEMS DEV III</option>

3. Save the .xml file.

4. Stop&start the SC service to get the new job title active in SC.


Additional Information:

How to verify the issue/problem situation?

1. In the SDM-UI, create a contact (e.g. USERID10) and select its job title as Programmer.

2. In the SC-UI, go to Administration>Users and locate this new user with userid=USERID10.

You will see it works fine to show its job title as Programmer

3. In the SDM-UI, go to Administration>Service Desk>Application Data>Codes>Positions:

3a. Create a new posistion (job title name) called IS-SYSTEMS DEV III.

3b. And then edit the contact USERID10 to set its job title to IS-SYSTEMS DEV III and save.

4. Then, in the SC-UI, locate user USERID10 and you will see its job title shows 'IS-SYSTEMS DEV III'. However, when you edit the user, the job title shows as '<empty>'.

5. Recycle the SC service.

6. In the SC-UI again, locate USERID10 and you’ll see its Job Title is blank although it shows the job title 'IS-SYSTEMS DEV III' when you click its "Edit" button.

Note :

This issue was addressed in 17.1 , 17.2 already .    The above  is no longer needed  for catalog 17.1 and 17.2 


Release: CASVCT99000-12.9-Service Catalog


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