How to use the aclient.inp during DAgent install


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How do I install the DAgent using the settings from the aclient.inp file?


The aclient.inp is not required for the DAgent install. However, there are several options in the aclient.inp that are not otherwise available during the install of DAgent unless the aclient.inp is used.

Use the following steps to install the DAgent using the aclient.inp file

  1. Modify the aclient.inp (located in the root Deployment Solution directory) to have the settings that you would like DAgent to have.
    Note: In the .inp you must set InstallDir=c:\program files\altiris\dagent
  2. On the client, create the directory that DAgent will be installed to (default is C:\Program Files\Altiris\DAgent).
  3. Copy the aclient.inp file to that directory.
  4. On the client run dagent.msi.


At this point the DAgent.msi will install the DAgent program files. When the DAgent.exe first starts up, it will check for the aclient.inp in the directory DAgent.exe resides in then use any settings in the .inp then delete the aclient.inp file.

Typically this scenario is best used when doing a silent install of dagent and you need some additional options like ConsoleGroup to get the client to join a specific group or to enable dagent logging.