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How does Wise Package Studio Licensing work?


Wise Package Studio is unique in the Symantec/Altiris product family line in that it is licensed per-packager as opposed to a node (or computer) based licensing model. A single packager can install the Wise Package Studio product on many different computers. One computer may be used to perform the Setup Capture function, while a second computer could be used to edit packages and a third machine could be dedicated to the Conflict Management function. As long as it is the same packager (person) performing all of the functions this would only require one Package Studio license.

How is Licensing Handled During Wise Package Studio Server Installation?

It is required that you perform your Server installation prior to installing any packaging clients. When you install the Wise Package Studio Server, you will be prompted for you license keys. You should install all license keys. The following lists the key points of how the license file is used during the installation:

  1. The installation validates that you have a valid serial number.
  2. Embedded in the serial number are the modules you are licensed to use. This will cause the installation to place the correct files on the server computer.
  3. All Wise Package Studio license keys should be installed on the server computer. These keys will be used later in the Wise Package Studio configuration when assigning license to users during the security setup.
  4. The installation will write the license keys and other configuration information to HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry key for the user logged in during the installation. If another user is going to log on to the Wise Package Studio Server, that user will have to rerun the installation

How is Licensing Handled During Wise Package Studio Client Installation?

When performing the Wise Package Studio Client installation, you are prompted to enter a serial number. This serial number will be used determine which tools the packager performing the installation will have access to.

If a company has licensed and installed the Quality Assurance Module on their server and the packager does not add a Quality Assurance license during the installation, the Quality Assurance tools will be shown in a gray-out and non-accessible state.

If I have a Licensing Problem will it ask me to run the Repository Manager?

This is not usually the case. When Wise Package Studio launches, it queries the HKCU\Software\Wise Solutions\Install\Wise Package Studio 7 to find the path to the Wise Share Point. It then queries the Wise Share Point for the Config.ini file. This file contains the information Wise Package Studio uses to connect to the Wise Package Studio databases. 

If the client cannot connect to the Wise Share Point or the Databases do not exist, the user will be prompted to run the Wise Repository Manager to create the databases.

If you are sure that you have successfully configure the databases using the Wise Repository Manager, attempt to connect to the Wise Share Point using the run command ex. \\<servername>\Wise Share Point. If this is successful, make sure that you can connect to the Wise Package Studio databases using a SQL query tool.