Troubleshooting remote task server communication


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server) Audit Integration Component Task Server





Remote task servers are not recognized by managed agent computers. The initial setup was that the Notification Server was installed as the only task server and the system was functioning as desired. Due to the number of task server agents reporting to the Notification Server additional task servers were added to alleviate the stress from the Notification Server. The remote task servers were assigned collection/s to manage but the computers in the collections still point to the Notification Server as the registered task server in the Task Management Portal of the console. The computers were rebooted and agents restarted numerous times with no change in the task server status. The task server services on the remote task servers were also restarted with no affect on the situation. The dates that agents originally registered were also from a previous date and do not change.

What do you do to resolve an issue like this?

Troubleshooting steps for agents not registering with remote task servers:

  • Is the task server listed in the task servers collection and the approved task servers collection?
  • Is this an IIS task server or an HTTP task server? In which collection does the task server exist (IIS task servers or HTTP task servers)?
  • How is the Task Server policy setup? Is it configured that specific collections are managed by individual task servers or unconfigured?
  • Is the Task Server host name able to be resolved from the remote agent?
  • If the task server is IIS then go through the following steps:
    1. Verify what task server the agent actually is currently attempting to register. Go to the computer in question and open the Altiris Agent\log\agent.log file. You will see the attempt to register with a task server.
    2. Verify that it is the correct task server. It should also place an entry in the log of a successful registration attempt. If an attempt is made one time by task server name and then multiple times with the IP address of the task server, then it is not registering. You can then enter in the task server URL from the agent computer via Internet Explorer HTTP://taskserver/Altiris/ClientTask/Server/Register.aspx to make sure that the agent is able to access the file to register with task server. If the attempt to access the register.aspx page fails then check the following:
      • On the task server is the ASP.NET installed? Check in Add or Remove Programs under the Add/Remove Windows Components. In the details of Application Server the box should be selected for the ASP.NET. 
      • Verify that .NET 1.1.4322 is registered from the command line by using the command of "C:\windows\\framework\v1.1.4322\aspnet_regiis -lk". If the version 2.0 is also registered then, you will need to verify that the Altiris Task Server entries in IIS are not set to use 2.0. In the IIS administrator go into the Default Web Site\Altiris\Client Task properties and check to make sure that there is not a tab or page for .asp that has 2.0 listed. If it is then you need to either change it to 1.1.4322 within IIS or to run the following command from the command lines:

        C:\windows\\framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_regiis -u

        (This is only if 2.0 is not being used for any applications on the computer.)
      • Make sure that rights are not limited on the Windows\Temp folder on the Task Server.
      • Check firewall settings. The firewall may be blocking a required port for Altiris Task Server agent registration.