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How to place the monitor in standby mode, as well as how to shut down and wake up a computer, including monitoring its power consumption?


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Is it possible to schedule shutdowns and startups, as well as not turn off a computer if its still being used, and report which computers have not been turned off, including monitors?

The "Altiris Energy saver Toolkit" will provide you with this type of functionality for monitors. It has the following features/benefits:

  1. Remote power savings enabling You can run this utility which automatically detects the OS it is being run on and enables power savings mode for your monitor.
  2. Remote power savings edit This feature can set the mode to any sleep time specified (for example, after 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes; of no use; and so on.)
  3. Power savings mode disable This feature disables power savings mode.
  4. Power Settings Inventory This feature enables monitoring the current in-use power settings.


  • Computers by Sleep TimeOut
  • Computers not Reporting Energy Saver Inventory
  • Computers not Saving Energy
  • Estimate Savings

Please read the attached PDF document for full details about this free product.


To turn off a computer, you could use a Software Delivery Job that has no source files and is scheduled to run once a day, which uses its "Restart computer after running" Program option. The Notify the user when this task is available and Warn the user before running this task- user can defer task for  N  minutes task options can be used so that the computer will not be shutdown if a user is still using it (the Notify in advance Notification Server Agent Policy Interaction option needs to be used in order for these Task options to work).

You could also create a Package that uses Microsoft's Shutdown.exe ( as this also allows you to provide a message to the User.

To start a computer, you could again use a Software Delivery Job that uses the Power up the computer (Wake On LAN) task option. This will create a scheduled task on the Notification Server, and will send a Wake on LAN packet to the computer.

As long as Software Delivery Event messages are enabled, each time these Software Delivery Jobs run, the Notification Server will receive event messages, which means that you can create a Report that will interrogate those event table, or you can use our default Software Delivery Reports. You could also utilize Inventory Solution's AeXCustInv.exe to run a CustInv scan on your computers which will report the last-boot time, for example, which will again allow you to create a Report that will interrogate that custom table.


You may also be interested in a company called "Enterprise Infrastructure Partners, LLC" whom are a "Symantec/Altiris Development Partner" and a "Symantec/Altiris Authorized Consultants" company.  [email protected]  tel: US +1 800 871 9002 Call access code: 700202#

They have created a product called "eiPower Saver Solution" which is a Notification Server integrated product and addresses all of your needs and more. Attached are the product's PDF brochure for your convenience.


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