How to set up Workflow Solution Server on a Notification Server


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How do I set up Workflow Solution Server on a Notification Server?


To set up Altiris Workflow Solution to publish directly onto the Notification Server, you need to complete the following steps. These steps will ensure that the ASP.NET version (v2) used by Workflow Solution does not conflict with the ASP.NET version (v1.1) required by Notification Server 6.x.

Note: This process should be completed prior to the installation of the Workflow Server/Designer on the Notification Server. If Workflow Server has been installed, use article 41483, "Component Web controls stop working when published," to adjust the Virtual Directories that contain the Web controls.

Although running the Workflow Server and Notification Server concurrently on the same physical computer is supported, for scalability, stability, and ease of use, it is recommended that Workflow Server and Notification Server are run on separate computers.

  1. Begin by creating a separate application pool in IIS:
    1. Open IIS Manager. Right-click on the Application Pools folder, click New > Application Pool.
    2. Name the new application pool “dotNet2”.
    3. Click OK.

  2. Create a separate Web site:
    1. Open IIS and right-click on the Web Sites folder; click New and click Web Site.
    2. Step through the Web Site Creation Wizard that opens.
    3. Enter Workflow Projects as the site’s description. Click Next.
    4. Change the site’s port to 8088. (You must change the the port number. The default Web site and our Web site cannot run on the same port.) Click Next.
    5. Create a folder on the root called Workflow Site and select this folder as the path for the new site’s home directory. Click Next.
    6. Select Read, Run Scripts, and Execute for permissions. Click Next and Finish.
  3. Edit Web site > New Web site to use the new application pool.
    1. Right-click on web site new website (Workflow Projects) and click on Properties.
    2. Click the Home Directory tab.
    3. In the Application Pool drop-down list, select the new application pool that was created in step 1.

    4. Click the ASP.NET tab.
    5. In the ASP.NET drop-down list, select 2.0.50727.

  4. Determine the Web Site ID in IIS:
    1. In IIS, right-click and choose Properties > Web site on the Web site you are interested in; Workflow Projects, in this case.
    2. On the Web Site tab, click Properties.

  5. The Web site ID will be located below the log file directory.

  6. Your Web Site ID is the number that follows the “W3SVC” and precedes the “\”.
    1. In this case, the Web Site ID is “1724851803”.
    2. Make note of this ID to for use in the Workflow Designer Server Extensions Configurator.
  7. Point Deployment Web Site to New Website and App Pool.
    1. Open Workflow Solution's “Server Extensions Configurator” (Start > Programs > Altiris > Workflow Designer > Tools > Server Extensions Configurator).

    2. Click on the button to modify Deployment Info.

    3. Change the “Root URL” to http://[MachineName]:8088.
    4. Change “IISRoot path” to “IIS://localhost/W3SCV/[NewWebsiteID]/Root”
      Note: See Determining the Web Site ID in IIS from the previous step to obtain the correct value.
    5. Click OK to save your settings
    6. Click Start > Run, then enter “iisreset” and click OK.