Hardware Drivers and Deployment Solution


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Where do I obtain hardware drivers for use in automation? Who is responsible for providing and compiling my drivers?


To identify that this is a NIC driver issue we receive the error like :

Restarting DHCP clilent service:  retry 1....

Restarting DHCP clilent service:  retry 2....

Restarting DHCP clilent service:  retry 3....

Restarting DHCP clilent service:  retry 4....

and so on.

Storage Driver issues will not successfully be able to write to the drive and will fail.

Hardware manufacturers are responsible for providing both driver source files and compiled drivers for their devices. In those cases where the manufacturer has made only the source files available, the customer is responsible for driver compilation.

Symantec Support does not provide assistance with compiling or creating drivers for automation environments. Support is available to assist with adding previously compiled drivers for NIC and mass storage hardware to WinPE 2.1,WinPE3.X,WinPE5.X, WINPE10.X and Linux pre-boot environments, but Symantec makes no guarantees that compiled drivers will work for all hardware.

For assistance with compiling drivers for Linux automation, please refer to the Symantec Connect forums.

The source files used to create the Linux pre-boot environment that ships with Deployment Solution can be found here (http://www.altiris.com/Products/DeploymentSolution/ds_linux.aspx).