Can new fields be added or old ones removed from the Bulk Edit window?


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Question: The Bulk Edit window (right click on resources > CMDB Functions > Bulk Edit) only contain a handful of available fields that can be bulk edited. How can I add others or custom fields or remove existing ones?
Answer: The Bulk Edit window's fields cannot be added to or removed from the Bulk Edit window, regardless of if these are out of box fields that don't already appear there or custom data classes. There is no method to alter this window's available fields.

Workarounds to being able to bulk edit other fields include:

  • Some features can be used to edit multiple assets simultaneously, but just not through the Bulk Edit window. These following edit abilities are available through the right click menu:

    CMDB Functions > Assignment Functions

    * Assign Owner
    * Assign to Cost Center
    * Assign to Location

    CMDB Functions > Set Asset Status

    * Sets status to any out of box of custom status.
  • Use a CMDB rule or Data Connector import rule to do this instead. Instructions on how to use these can be found here:

    Altiris™ CMDB Solution 7.5 from Symantec™ User Guide

    How to import data into the Symantec Management Platform database using Data Connector

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