How to Create Warranty information for Assets


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Asset Management Solution




Warranty information can be created and associated to assets, allowing one to keep track of when warranties start and expire.

Create a Warranty:  Click Home>Service and Asset Management>Contracts>Contract Types>Warranty.  Right click, and Create New Warranty. For a Warranty to work correctly, the minimum fields are required to be filled out, Standard Contract Information, and Covered Hardware.

Covered Hardware: This is the association to the asset that is covered by this warranty. It uses the Serial Number for this association. 
Please note: If the asset in question does not have a serial number, it will not be able to be covered by this warranty.

Standard Contract Information:  The Start and End Dates are needed for the duration of the contract.

All the other information within the Configuration Item is not "Required" for the Warranty to function within the Altiris envirement, but may be needed for tracking within a business envirement.

Once the inputed information is satisfactory, approve the Warranty by either editing the Warranty and checking the "Approved" checkbox, or right clicking the Warrenty and using the Contract Functions>Approve.