Send email to Subtask Assignee with automation rule


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How to configure automation rule in ServiceDesk 7.5 to send notification email on SubTask creation to it's assignee.

1. Create custom ruleset for the data event "TaskCreated" under Incident Management rulesets.
2. Set up email template for TaskCreated.
     The following link and the ServiceDesk 7.5 implimentation guide have more detailed infomation on how to set up email templates.
3. Create rule under ruleset created on step 1 as following:
Condition: [Task Name][Contains Text(Subtask)]
Action: [Send Email][To Task Assignees] Using [1 Parameter]

Step by step instructions for creating the ruleset and rule below. 

  1. Log into ServiceDesk portal as an admin. 
  2. Go to the Admin tab and click on ‘Process Automation’. 
  3. Expand Incident Management and click on ‘Service Dashboard’. 
  4. Create the new ruleset. 
    1. Click ‘Add Ruleset’. 
    2. Name the ruleset ‘OnTaskCreated’. 
    3. Change the Ruleset Type to ‘Data Event’. 
    4. In the Event dropdown select TaskCreated. 
    5. Click on the Save button. 
  5. Create the rule for the new ruleset. 
    1. Click on the action icon for the new ruleset and select ‘Add Rule’. 
    2. Click on the ‘Add Group’ button then click on the ‘Add Condition’ link. 
    3. Change the dropdowns to ‘Task Name’ ‘contains’ “subtask” and click the blue plus sign. 
    4. Click the ‘Add Action’ set the dropdown to ‘Send Email’ the next dropdown to “To All Subtask Assignees’ and in the final dropdown select the email template you want to send. 
    5. Click the blue plus sign then click the Save button. 

Please note that ServiceDesk 7.5 MP1 is a prerequisite!