Common references on Security Roles and Permissions


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




The following article is provided just as reference. It is not meant to be a "Best Practices" article but it provides some common articles used by Support while working/troubleshooting on Security Roles, Scoping and Permissions.


Patch Management

HOWTO25927 "What permissions are needed for Patch Management 7.X?"
HOWTO75175 "How do I add the ability to perform Patch Management Admin processes to an existing canned user?"
HOWTO21637 "How do I create and define a security role for scoping in Patch Management?"
TECH234903 "Patch Admin permissions fail to allow change in Software Update Policy Target"


Service Desk / PCAnywhere Solution

HOWTO26081 "How to create a custom security role to allow ServiceDesk users to use PC Anywhere Solution"
HOWTO21597 "How To Create a Custom Security Role for Remote Control.

Task Management

TECH155258 "How to Create a Security Role that Allows Users to Create Tasks"


Symantec Management Platform

TECH144089 "Adding domain users or groups to Notification Server (NS) security roles"
DOC1740 "Symantec Management Platform Security Privileges"
HOWTO62686 "About organizational views and groups"
HOWTO44205 "Design considerations for resource scoping"
HOWTO62740 "About resource security"
HOWTO63084 "Adding security roles as members of other security roles"
HOWTO62895 "Viewing and managing resources in an organizational group"
TECH147353 "Every morning Read and Execute permissions are missing for replicated items, making it look like the Security Role is being reset each night"
HOWTO42294 "Things to know regarding Replication of Security Objects"
TECH138409 "Security Role Replication inconsistent and not cleaning up obsolete roles"
HOWTO10792 "Can security role memberships be synchronized during hierarchy replication?"
TECH127524 "Security Roles disappeared and can no longer be seen in the console"
HOWTO9933 "How can I display or hide resource types in the default organizational view?"
HOWTO21673 "How do you add Scoping by Organizational Group to Raw SQL reports?"
HOWTO62785 "Predefined security roles"
HOWTO10110 "How can I create a Security Role in Notification Server 7 for users that need to run just reports?"
TECH246711 "Troubleshooting missing permissions for Security Roles"


Deployment Solution

TECH225273 "Adding domain users or groups to Notification Server (NS) security roles"
HOWTO21498 "How to set security rights for the Deployment menu item options in the SMP7 Console"


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