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Full Uninstall Reinstall of Real-Time System Manager


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Real-Time Console Infrastructure Real-Time System Manager




Full Uninstall Reinstall of Real-Time System Manager


There are times when the install of Real-Time System Manager or its supporting components may become corrupt. A simply uninstall, reinstall often will not resolve the issue. This procedure walks through removing the software completely, allowing a clean install to proceed.

NOTE: If any of the items listed below are not found, proceed to the next step. Many of these items are to catch any items that might not have been removed correctly at some point.


1.       Log onto the Notification Server as the Application identity.

2.       Launch SIM (Symantec Installation Manager).

3.       In the list of install components, find Real-Time System Manager, select it, and click the Uninstall button.

4.       When complete, do the same for Real-Time Console Infrastructure.

5.       On the File System of the NS (Notification Server), look under the install drive where Altiris was installed and deleted any of the following folders if found:

a.       \Program Files\Altiris\RTCI

b.      \Program Files\Altiris\RTSM

6.       In the registry, search for the following terms. Each term may be found in inconsequential locations, such as MUI cache or in reference to a recently accessed file or program. Most of these can be skipped, though they can also be deleted. What you are mainly looking for is main install data about the two programs. Make sure to click on the top node when beginning your search. You’ll also want to ensure you’re not deleting something that has one of the search terms below as part of a string.

a.       Real-Time System Manager

b.      Real-Time Console Infrastructure

c.       RTSM

d.      RTCI

7.       Search in the .NET Assemblies location, found at C:\Windows\Assembly. Look for the following entries and delete them (right-click, uninstall):

a.       Altiris.RTSM

b.      Altiris.RTCI

c.       Policy.7.0.Altiris.RTSM

d.      Policy.7.0.Altiris.RTCI

e.      Policy.7.1.Altiris.RTSM

f.        Policy.7.1.Altiris.RTCI

8.       Go back into SIM and click the link for Install new products.

9.       Under filter, choose filter:None.

10.   Locate Real-Time System Manager and choose to install it. Real-Time Console Infrastructure will be automatically installed as part of the selection.

11.   When the install is complete, this process is completed.