How to Migrate Symantec Workspace Streaming Database (AppStream DB)


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Workspace Streaming (formerly AppStream)




Steps for migrating the Appstream database to a new SQL server:

Phase 1: Database backup:
  1. Open Streaming Console to the Monitor>Components page then STOP the STE service and all DA components
  2. Login to the old SQL server
  3. Open SQL Server Management Studio and expand Databases
  4. Right-click on the Appstream database, point to Tasks and then click Back Up...
  5. Verify the database name and select Backup type: Full
  6. Choose the destination for backup & click OK
  7. Ensure the backup of the Appstream database completed successfully
  8. Copy the *.bak file to new SQL server
For more information on DB backup: (
Phase 2: Database restore:
  1. Login to the new SQL server
  2. Open SQL Server Management Studio and expand Databases
  3. Right-click on Databases and click New Database..., name the new database “Appstream”, click OK
  4. Right-click the Appstream database, go to Tasks>Restore>Database..., which opens the Restore Database window
  5. On the general page, select From device: then click ...
  6. Click on Add and specify the backup file (*.bak) that was copied over from the old SQL server, click OK and then click OK
  7. Enable the checkbox under Restore for the backup file that was just specified
  8. Open the Options page on the right side to select the restore options
  9. Enable Overwrite the existing database (WITH REPLACE)
  10. Click OK and ensure the restore of Appstream database completes successfully
For more information on DB restore: (
Phase 3: Mapping ASUSER to the restored Appstream Database:
  1. Execute the following SQL query to map the asuser login to the Appstream database
Use [Appstream]
--This will report all the orphaned logins
--This should fix an orphaned user
  1. Now expand Security>Logins, right-click asuser and open Properties
  2. Compare & verify the asuser’s mapping and other login properties with those on the old SQL server
Phase 4: Transferring the STE DB source to SQL 2008 box:
  1. Open the streaming server console
  2. Ensure all component statuses are green
  3. Go to C:\symantec\workspace streaming\server\streamletengine\da\conf\
  4. Copy the da.conf file and paste a backup in a different location
  5. Open the real da.conf file then find and modify the following lines:
torque.database.appstream.adapter=msSQL THE OLD SQL HOSTNAME WITH THE NEW SQL HOSTNAME
  1. Save and close the da.conf file
  2. Open the console and restart the STE
Phase 5: Verifying SQL migration:
  1. Open the console and verify STE status (database is [up])
  2. Check the streaming performance on end user machines
  3. Run any report and verify the output
  4. Rename the Appstream database to Appstream_old in the old SQL server or shutdown the old server