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This article is to help determine what version of Deployment Solution is installed. It is written for Deployment Solution 6.x products. At the time of writing 6.8 and previous versions are no longer supported, so they will not be included in the list.

Two simple methods to find the version are via the Deployment Console, and using the file version attribute. First, using the Deployment Console, click the Help menu, and then select About. In the "About Deployment Console" window something similar to the following will be displayed:
Deployment Console
Version: 6.9 (Build 574)

This indicates that the major version is 6.9, the service pack is 5; it does not indicate if any maintenance releases have been applied (in this case, Build 574 shows that MR3 has been applied, see table below).

Second, using the file version attribute; Open a file browser to the eXpress share (default is C:\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\), right-click axengine.exe, and select Properties. Click the Version tab, and something similar to the following will be displayed:
File version: 6.9.574.0
(the .0 can be ignored)

Here's a list of versions:

File Version Console About Version Name
6.9.164 6.9 (Build 164) 6.9
6.9.174 6.9 (Build 174) 6.9 MP1
6.9.355 6.9 (Build 355) SP1 6.9 SP1
6.9.375 6.9 (Build 375) SP2 6.9 SP2
6.9.430 6.9 (Build 430) SP3 6.9 SP3
6.9.453 6.9 (Build 453) SP4 6.9 SP4
6.9.490 6.9 (Build 490) SP5 6.9 SP5
6.9.496 6.9 (Build 496) SP5 6.9 SP5 MR1
6.9.517 6.9 (Build 517) SP5 6.9 SP5 MR2
6.9.574 6.9 (Build 574) SP5 6.9 SP5 MR3
6.9.575 6.9 (Build 575) SP5 6.9 SP5 MR3
6.9.648 6.9 (Build 648) SP6 6.9 SP6

Note there are two 6.9 SP5 MR3's, Build 574 was the version Support provided while working on getting 6.9 SP5 MR3 available on the download site, build 575 is what is available on the download site. 6.9 SP6 is in the process of being updated on the trialware download site.