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How to obtain a list of devices from Data Aggregator along with their respective polled item count in CAPM


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CA Infrastructure Performance DX NetOps


A query can be run on the Data Repository (Vertica) system to output a list of all monitored devices along with their total polled item count.


DX NetOps CA Performance Management 20.2 and later


The query to run on the Data Repository system and how to run it:

  1. Log into the DR system.

  2. su to the database admin user account (dradmin by default):

    su - dradmin

  3. Change diretcory to /vertica/bin (under whichever directory vertica was installed in):

    cd /opt/vertica/bin

  4. Run;

    ./vsql -U dradmin -w <PASSWORD>

    *The <PASSWORD> will be the database password. (dbpass in the example from the documentation) orthe same password required in the adminTools UI when reviewing or administering the vertica database.

  5. Run;

    select device_item_id, device_name ,count(*) from v_poll_item group by device_item_id, device_name order by count(*) desc;