Report: To list count of assigned clients for each Task server.


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server) Task Server




 Please use the following steps to create a custom Report

SMP Console > Reports > Custom Reports > Right Click > New > Report > SQL Report
Paste the following SQL query within Parameterised Query Section


-- to view task server with Count of assigned clients

select cts._ResourceGuid, vc.[Name] as 'Server Name', cts.[Build], ( select count(*)

from [dbo].[Inv_Client_Task_Resources] ctr (nolock)

inner join [dbo].[vComputer] vc on vc.[Guid] = ctr._ResourceGuid

where ctr.[ClientTaskServerGuid] = cts.[ClientTaskServerGuid] ) as 'Client Count',

vc.[IP Address] as [IP Address], vc.[Domain], vc.[OS Name] as [OS Name]

from Inv_Client_Task_Servers cts (nolock)

inner join [dbo].[vComputer] vc on vc.[Guid] = cts._ResourceGuid


where vc.IsManaged =1



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