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The following instructions describe how to configure a synchronization profile for Barcode Solution. For more information about how to use Barcode Solution, refer to its user guide:

Symantec™ Barcode Solution 7.5 powered by Altiris™ technology User Guide

  1. In a Symantec Management Console, click on the Home button > Service and Asset Management > Barcode.
  2. Click on the Synchronization folder to expand it.
  3. Click on an existing synchronization profile to edit it or create a new one.
  4. Continue configuring the synchronization profile per the following sections.

    Resources tab

    Organizational Types and Procurement Types. These are associations such as locations or cost centers that can be used by resources on the handheld device.

    Resources. These are existing assets such as computers that can be used on the handheld device. Note: Resources are not needed to be provided if the user is only scanning in new assets. One reason for including resources is if the user was going to use these to update local inventory, such as in a stockroom, before syncing their changes back to the Symantec Management Platform server.

    Notes: The following notes are applicable to both organizational/procurement types (associations) and resources (assets):

    (1) The user must manually add any that they want to use on the handheld device; any unselected ones will not appear or be usable therefore. After making any changes to the organizational/procurement types or resources, the handheld device must sync these down to it for use.

    (2) There are physical limitations to the total amount of assets (associations plus resources) that can be synced to any handheld device, regardless of the amount of its available RAM. Exceeding this will generally result in timeout issues trying to perform a sync back to the Symantec Management Platform server. Information on this issue and best practices for usage can be found in the following article:

    Trying to sync Barcode assets results in a timeout

    Data Classes and Associations tab

    Specific data classes and associations that are needing to be used on the handheld device can be selected here. However, this tab does not usually need to be configured.

    Permissions tab

    Resource Types. By default, synchronization profiles do not enable any resource types to be used. The user must go to this tab and enable any types that can be used on the handheld device, such as Computer. Otherwise, when trying to sync, an error will occur.

    Available Templates. By default, all out of box UI templates are enabled for use. The user can disable these if they want to restrict what the handheld device's user is able to do or not.

    Custom Templates. This enables the user to be able to create custom UI templates to augment or replace the out of box UI templates. Note: For troubleshooting purposes, if a custom template is not working correctly, first ensure that the out of box templates work before proceeding.

    Automatic Population. Enable this to automatically copy the barcode to the system number or vice versa.

    Upload Verification. By default, synchronization profiles do not enable automatic processing of synced records. This then requires the user to go into the Manage Changes folder to manually approve each batch uploaded from the handheld device. If the user wants to automatically commit all records when they are synced, however, enable this feature to bypass batch approval.

    Synchronization tab

    Synchronization Data. This is where the user can see how many assets (associations plus resources) will be synced to the handheld device. If the handheld device is cradled, the Synchronize button can be used here to sync the assets to it, otherwise, the user can do this later directly on the handheld device.

    Additional Resources. The user can manually specify specific resources here that weren't included on the Resources tab.
  5. Click on the "Save changes" button. Any selected Organizational or Procurement Types or Resources will then be ready to be synched to the handheld device the next time the user selects Synchronize from it. Until then, however, these assets will not appear on the handheld device.

Note: After any changes are many to a synchronization profile, these will not be available on the handheld device until it is synced.

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