How do I handle PTF RO51807 SMP/e dependencies to my CA Datacom/AD 14.0 CSI


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How do I handle PTF RO51807 SMP/e dependencies to my CA Datacom/AD 14.0 CSI?

CA Datacom 14.0 PTF RO51807 to SQL FMID(CAVEE00) has SMP/e dependencies:

 ++IF FMID(CAYTE00) REQ(RO51469).       
 ++IF FMID(CAYTE02) REQ(RO51470).


FMID(CAYTE00) is the base CA Datacom Server 14.0.
FMID (CAYTE02) is the optional CA Datacom Server 14.0 USS component.

The CA Datacom/AD 14.0 CSI is packaged with the CA Datacom Server 14.0 base component FMID(CAYTE00).
The CA Datacom Server product and the optional USS component FMID(CAYTE02) is optionally installed and is needed only by a small set CA products which use CA Datacom/AD.
Refer to your CA product for its requirements.

SQL PTF RO51807 addresses a problem with unsigned numeric columns with very large values and was seen in rare circumstances, none of which to date were with CA Datacom/AD usage. The CA Datacom Server PTFs are needed for compatibility on the Datacom Server side with the SQL PTF.

CA Datacom/AD 14.0 installations which do not use Datacom Server at all have a choice:

Either, do not be concerned with applying RO51807 at this time. If already RECEIVEd to the CSI, REJECT RO51807.
Or, RECEIVE and APPLY the CA Datacom Server 14.0 PTF RO51469 along with RO51807.
Either way is acceptable and your choice.

If you are running with a CA product which uses and has installed the Datacom Server USS component, then do APPLY the three PTFS RO51807, RO51469, and RO51470.


Release: DATABB00200-14-Datacom/AD