Forcing Patch Compliance Reports to report on Superseded Updates


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




Patch Management is designed to not show superseded updates in Compliance reports, or even allow superseded updates to install. Sometimes however it is necessary to report compliance for superseded updates that were deployed before they became superseded. There are two methods for viewing compliance for superseded updates: 1) modify the stored procedure that loads the Compliance reports to show superseded updates, or 2) create a custom report to show compliance for a few selected superseded updates.

Method 1.

  1. Ensure recent backup of the database was executed.
  2. Run the attached stored procedure 'Alter' script; this script will alter all Patch Compliance reports and their drill downs to display updates that were superseded.

Caution: This custom script has not been officially tested and is not supported by Symantec Inc. Moreover, this script will allow the review of Superseded Compliance in reporting but will not differentiate between Superseded Updates and current Software Update Compliance once it has been implemented.

Advisory: With the release of PMImport 7.2.x detailed on INFO4245; Patch Management is now able to target most Superseded Updates for deployment as long as they are present in the Patch Remediation Center. Additionally, updated report pack for ITMS 8.x displays a drop-down to differentiate between the Superseded Reporting and Non-Superseded Reporting pending on which is desired for the environment on HOWTO126991. This is being reviewed for previous versions but only available for ITMS 8.x at this time.


Method 2.

  1. In the Symantec Management Console go to Manage>Reports
  2. Right-click on any desired folder and select New>Report>SQL Report
  3. In the new SQL report paste the SQL query contained in CustomComplianceReport.txt (attached to this article) in the Parameterized Query box over the default query
  4. Modify the lines with the "--Your update here" comments with the KB names of the desired updates (both superseded and non-superseded updates can be reported), add or remove these lines as necessary
  5. Name the report something appropriate
  6. Finally click Save Changes.

Advisory: Symantec Support does not support custom reports and only provides this only as an example. Further modification must be done by the user.


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