How to create a Security Role that can see the content for "Add Custom Criteria" while adding a "Custom Search Criteria" in Activity Center


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)





A customer has a specific Security Role that should provide access to computers under Manage>Computers. However, when he goes to the page "Add Search Criteria" (under Manage>Computers>Add Search Criteria>Add Custom Criteria),

it doesn't load anything. It just shows blank under Dataclasses, Attributes, and Columns:



In this particular case, you need to make sure your custom Security Role has "Read" permissions in the Security Role Manager to at least the following items:
1. Computers (under Resource Management>Organizational Views>Default>All Resources>Asset>Network Resource>Computers)
2. Resource Types (In this particular instance to Computer and Virtual Machine resource types under Settings>Notification Server>Resource and Data Class Settings>Resource Types>Asset Types>IT)
3. Resource Associations

Note: For the Resource Associations, there are multiple associations that are dependent of other resource types other than just computer and virtual machine. For example, if you want to display the "Bay Computer" association, you need to grant at least "Read" rights to the "Physical Bay" resource type (under Settings>Notification Server>Resource and Data Class Settings>Resource Types>Asset Types>IT as well). Or just give "Read" permissions to the top folder for that desired Resources Types.