How is the package refresh done when the package source itself is modified (and not the package on the console)?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)





Software Delivery packages are updated automatically on the Notification Server based on two different scheduled tasks:

NS.Package Distribution Point Update Schedule.{29a2b641-222a-43b0-830c-a25c59e93fe4}


(runs every 10 minutes)

NS.Package Refresh.{bd6bf880-bfae-4dad-b746-e8be99f3b8a8}


(runs every day at 03:30)


If a package is updated on the source directly (UNC share, local directory on the Notification Server) when would the package be updated?

The Package Distribution Point Update Schedule that runs every 10 minutes executes the following SQL query:

SELECT vItem.Guid
  FROM SWDPackage
  JOIN vItem ON vItem.Guid = SWDPackage.PackageId AND SWDPackage._Latest = 1
 WHERE DistPointsLastUpdated IS NULL
    OR vItem.ModifiedDate > SWDPackage.DistPointsLastUpdated

As you can see, we check for packages that have not been updated yet (DistPointsLastUpdated IS NULL) or packages that have been modified on the console, so if a package source is modified without updating the Software Delivery package, this will not be updated for Package Server and Client before the nightly snapshots execution ('Package Refresh' schedule).