How can I throttle the amount of network usage when installing the Altiris Agent?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




I want to install the Altiris Agent to multiple computers on the network, but don't want the network to be brought to a crawl while hundreds or thousands of Agents are downloading at the same time.  Are there any ways to control the bandwidth used by the Agent installation service?


The Altiris Agent installation takes place in a few steps, and the major part can be controlled.  When the Agent installation first starts (through a push or a pull installation), the client will download a small 100k file (the bootstrap) from the Notification Server. This file then downloads the installer from the Notification Server, using settings configurable in the Notification Server console for the Altiris Agent Installation.  Two settings available, chunk size and pause interval, can be adjusted to control how large each piece of the installer is downloaded, and how long to delay between each piece.  The default settings are a chunk size of 1024 bytes (1K) and 25ms between each chunk.  This can be adjusted using the -c chunk_size and -p pause_interval settings.  The settings can be placed in the Installation Settings window, like so:

These settings will have the Agent downloader service download 512 byte pieces of the Agent installer, taking a 50 ms pause between each piece.  Details on these and other Agent installation parameters can be found in the Notification Server 6.0 SP3 Reference Guide starting on page 20.