Wise SetupCapture Best Practice


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What are some Wise SetupCapture best practices?


  1. Run through SetupCapture Configuration first to create the exclusion list.
  2. Start the SetupCapture from a clean computer.
  3. It is best practice to use snapshot method only.  Smart Monitor will over-capture and create more clean up to do.  If enough information is not capturing or files that need to be captured in a specific order, use Smart Monitor.
  4. Altiris/Wise Solutions does not support capturing an .MSI.  Some .EXE have .MSIs embedded inside them.  You can tell if an .EXE has an embedded .MSI by:
    1. Executing the .EXE. Once the Welcome dialog box comes up, check the temp directory (enter %TEMP% into the Start > Run).  If a file named with an .MSI extension (for example, B34T34.MSI) with the same date and time of when it was executed, then it is an .MSI. 
    2. Executing the .EXE.  When the Progress dialog box is running and the files are being installed, check the processes to see if MSIEXEC.EXE is running.  If it is, then it is an .MSI.
  5. If the program is an .MSI, create a transform.