Moving settings from one Control Center to another


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You would like to move your existing configuration from one Control Center to another.


  • You must backup and restore on the same version (including build number) of the appliance.
  • You must install the new Control Center with the same role as the old Control Center. (in other words if the existing Control Center was a Control Center / Scanner combo, the new Control Center must be the same)

To Perform the Backup:

  1. Go to (Administration -> Version -> Backup -> "Backup now") and select "Full Backup"
  2. Select "Store backup on server"
  3. Click "Backup Now"

To Move the Backup off the box:

  1. Go to (Administration -> Version -> Restore/Download)
  2. Select the backup you want and click "Download"

To Perform the Restore (on the new VM):

  1. Go to (Administration -> Version -> Restore/Download) and select "Upload a backup file from your local computer"
  2. Browse to the backup file.
  3. Click "Restore".

Reference: Settings that are not preserved when restoring a backup