Commonly accessed Monitor Solution tables for reporting purposes


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Commonly accessed Monitor Solution tables for reporting purposes


 Please review data in the following tables/views to create you own reports.


-- list of all metrics & GUIDs 
select * from MonitorMetricReports_v3 

-- device details 
select * from vMonitor vmr 

-- activity 
select * from vMonitorMetricSummary 

select * from vMonitorMetricData 
select * from vMonitorMetricDailySummary 
select * from vMonitorMetricHourlySummary 
select * from vMonitorAllMetricData 

select * from vMonitorServiceResource 
select * from vMonitorProcessData 
select * from vMonitorNtEvents 
select * from vMonitorNetworkDevices 

-- sample report 
select, vcx.Guid, vmd.Duration, vmd.TimeStamp, vmd.Duration,vmd.Max 
from vComputerEx vcx 
inner join vMonitorAllMetricData vmd on vmd.ResourceGuid = vcx.Guid 
where like '%server name%' -- insert computer name 
and vmd.MetricGuid = '1C689E29-C4E2-4f51-8193-DFD053E352E5' --Physical Memory Free KB ESX 
or vmd.MetricGuid = '89de7d18-123f-4901-96d4-fbd6119bbe64' --Percent Processor Time 
or vmd.MetricGuid = 'ad1a975c-19fe-49b8-b2c4-0e2a65ff5dc8' --Disk Throughput 
or vmd.MetricGuid = '321F3D43-5966-4173-969D-08E569A43D1F' -- Memory - Available Bytes