Installing the iOS Provisioning Profile and iOS push certificate for Symantec App Center


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Apple requires that iOS apps, including the Symantec App Center App (the mobile agent) are associated with a distribution profile. Additionally, to push notifications to iOS devices, a push certificate is required.

This workflow uploads the necessary certificates to distribute the native iOS Symantec App Center App, and to push notifications to iOS devices.


The workflow consists of three main steps:



  • Step 1 associates your iOS Provisioning Profile with the native iOS App Center App.
  • Step 2 generates and uploads the App Center App for iOS.
  • Step 3 adds the "push" certificate (also called the Production Push SSL Certificate) to Symantec App Center, which allows App Center to push notifications to iOS devices.


To complete these steps, you'll need to have your Distribution Provisioning Profile and your push SSL certificate. If you need to create these entities, see the following articles:


Step 1. Import Enterprise Distribution Profile into Symantec App Center App Builder

  1. In the Symantec App Center Admin Console, go to Downloads and download App Center Builder.
  2. Open App Center Builder and click Publish
  3. Select Import Enterprise Distribution Profile and choose the distribution provisioning profile you created for use with Symantec App Center. If you haven't created an Enterprise Provisioning Profile for App Center, see and complete the instructions in the article Creating the iOS Provisioning Profile for Symantec App Center, at   and then return to and complete this step.


Step 2. Generate and upload the iOS App Center App

  1. In App Center Builder, enter your App Center URL and administrator credentials.
  2. Optionally, add a logo graphic and customize its appearance ("shine").
  3. Click Generate and upload iOS App Center App.


Step 3. Upload the production push certificate

  1. In the App Center Admin Console, select Settings > Apple / iOS Certificates and scroll down to the Push Certificate section.
  2. Click Choose File and select the production push certificate you downloaded in the workflow, Creating an iOS App ID for use with Symantec App Center. If you have not completed the iOS App ID workflow, do so now and return to this workflow when you finish and complete this step.
  3. Click Upload


Depending on your use of Symantec App Center, other certificates may be required by Apple or Symantec App Center. For more information, see the article, Managing the iOS certificates used by Symantec App Center, at