Creating the iOS Distribution Provisioning Profile for Symantec App Center


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Apple requires that iOS apps created for distribution are associated with a Distribution Provisioning Profile. The provisioning profile contains a name (for reference only), a code-signing certificate, and an App ID. You must have the last two items in-hand before you can create a Distribution Provisioning Profile. 

The Provisioning Profile expires after one year, and must be renewed for your organization to continue to distribute iOS apps, including the native iOS App Center App (mobile agent). See the Apple Developer Portal for more information about Provisioning Profiles.

The workflow to create the Distribution Provisioning Profile proceeds as follows:

This workflow is performed at the Apple Developer Portal and an Apple Enterprise account is required.

To create the iOS Distribution Provisioning Profile:

Step 1. Create the Provisioning Profile

  1. Log into the Apple Developer Portal with your account credentials, and follow the instructions to create a new Provisioning Profile.
  2. Select the In House distribution method.
    Note: While Symantec App Center supports the ad-hoc method of provisioning apps, the limitiations of the ad hoc method preclude its use in enterprise environments.

Step 2. Associate App ID and Distribution Certificate with the new profile

  1. Locate and select your App ID.
  2. Select your Distribution Certificate.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Wait for 30-60 seconds and refresh the page to see that the profile is active.

Step 3. Download the active Distribution Provisioning Profile to a convenient location.

Other certificates may be required by Apple or Symantec App Center. For more information, see the article, Managing the iOS certificates used by Symantec App Center  at