Creating and installing the mobile device management (MDM) certificate for iOS devices in Symantec App Center


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To enable and use all of the MDM features in Symantec App Center, you must upload an MDM Certificate that establishes a trusted relationship between Symantec App Center and the managed iOS devices in your environment. Depending on your instantiation of App Center, the MDM certification process is slightly different.

  • If you have an SaaS instance of Symantec App Center, you generate the MDM signing request in App Center and then submit the CSR to Apple, directly.
  • If you have an on-premise instance of App Center, you first submit your CSR to Symantec who in-turn, returns a validated CSR to you, which you then submit to Apple.

The workflows for both cases, proceed as follows:

1. In the Symantec App Center Admin Console, go to Downloads, select iOS MDM CSR, and then click Download.

    1a. On-premise only: If you have an On-premise instance of Symantec App Center, email the MDM CSR, along with your name, a contact phone number, and the name of your company to: [email protected]. Symantec will return your validated MDM CSR. After you receive the MDM CSR from Symantec, proceed with Step 2.

2. Go to the Apple Push Certificates Portal at: and sign in with your Apple ID

3. On the portal home page, click Create a Certificate.

4. When prompted, browse to and select the MDM CSR you generated in Step 1 (SaaS) or Step 1a (On-premise), and then click Upload.

5. When the page refreshes, click Download to retrieve your MDM Certificate.

6. In the App Center Admin Console, go to Settings > Apple iOS / Certificates > MDM Certificate and click Upload New.

7. Select the MDM Certificate you downloaded in Step 5 and then click Save.

The MDM Certificate is now in place and you can enable MDM functionality in Symantec App Center.

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