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How to enable Barcode diagnostics logging for sync issues


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Additional Barcode diagnostics logging can be performed to help troubleshoot sync issues. Before trying this, however, ensure that all troubleshooting from the primary article for sync issues has been performed:

Error "Login failed" or "Could not establish connection to network" occurs when trying to use Barcode on a handheld device to authenticate or sync to the Symantec Management Platform server

Enable diagnostics logging on the handheld device

  1. On the handheld device, ensure that the latest version of Symantec Barcoder is installed. The version number is found on Symantec Barcoder's About window from the main menu. For 7.1, this is 7.1 SP2 MP1 (as of the time of this article's publication), for 6.7, this is 6.7 SP1. If the handheld device does not have the latest version of Symantec Barcoder installed, do this first via the Altiris Console using Barcode there.
  2. Connect the handheld device to the workstation.
  3. If Symantec Barcoder is running on the handheld device, close it.
  4. In Windows Explorer, the handheld device should appear as an accessible device. Open the handheld device here to the root folder "\".
  5. Right click to create a "Temp" folder if one does not exist. Note: The Temp folder is hidden by default. To see it, click on File Explorer's Organize button > "Folder and search options" > View tab > click to uncheck "Hide protected operating system files", then click on the OK button and confirm the requests to change this.
  6. Navigate to the folder \Program Files\Symantec\Barcoder (for 7.1) or \Program Files\Altiris\Barcoder (for 6.7).
  7. Copy the config.xml file to the workstation's desktop.
  8. Edit the config.xml file on the workstation's desktop.
  9. If the following lines are not found, add them into the <appSettings> section, or change them accordingly if they are found but not the correct values:

    <add key="Debug" value="True" />
    <add key="LogPath" value="\Temp"/>

    This would then look like the following excerpt:

              <add key="Debug" value="True" />
              <add key="LogPath" value="\Temp"/>
  10. Save the file.
  11. Copy the file from the workstation's desktop and overwrite the same file in the handheld device.
  12. Repeat the sync process that causes the issue.
  13. Logs should be written to the handheld device's \Temp folder. Zip these and send them to Symantec Technical Support for analysis. Note: These are only requested of customers by Technical Support on certain issues. Please do not send these without being requested.
  14. Afterwards, re-edit the config.xml file to remove the new line or change it to be False, and then re-save it.

Enable diagnostics logging on the Symantec Management Platform server

  1. On the Symantec Management Platform server, navigate to C:\Program Files\Altiris\Barcode\Web, which should be where Barcode Solution is installed to.
  2. Edit the web.config file, such as with Notepad.
  3. Modify the DebugLoggingFolder setting in the applicationSettings section:

    <setting name="DebugLoggingFolder" serializeAs="String">
  4. Save the file.
  5. Create a new folder called "C:\Temp\BarcodeLogs".
  6. Synchronize assets using the handheld device or the Barcode Console Application.
  7. The log files are generated in the folder created in step 5.
  8. To turn off this logging, modify the web.config file:

    <setting name="DebugLoggingFolder" serializeAs="String"> 

Futher diagnostics

If TECH187775 and this article fail to resolve the sync issue, next refer to the internal article HOWTO83773, which Symantec Technical Support can access