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Patch Management Solution for Windows


How does the PMImport replicate within Hierarchy?




Review the following process that details how the Import Patch Data for Windows replicates within a Hierarchy:

  1. Patch Management Import for Windows task is configured on the Parent SMP
    1. This task is scheduled to run and download the needed Patch Data from SolutionSam
    2. Advisory: This schedule is solely for the Parent SMP and will be ignored by the Child SMP's as detailed in the remaining steps.
  2. Configurations for the ‘Patch Management Import Data Replication for Microsoft’ Replication Rule setting; controls whether or not a ‘Complete’ or ‘Differential’ replication will be performed.
    1. Definitions of the 'Replicate' setting:
      1. ‘Complete’ = Replicates the policy configurations whether or not they are changed.
      2. ‘Differential’ = Replicates the policy configurations only if a change has taken place since the last replication.
    2. Definition of the 'Schedule' setting:
      1. 'Use Standard Replication Settings' = Runs replication for the PMImport on the daily replication job.
      2. 'Scheduled' = Runs the replication outside the daily replication job on the defined schedule.
    3. Note: This scheduled process, albeit on the 'Use Standard Replication Settings' or the 'Scheduled' setting, must be scheduled in sync with the completion of the PMImport Task found on the Parent SMP.
      1. Confirm Parent SMP runs / completes the PMImport Task before this 'PM Replication Schedule' time is configured.
      2. When forcing the PMImport Replication;
        1. Standard Replication Schedule: Highlight the PMImport Policy (Found on the Console > Manage > Jobs and Tasks > System Jobs and Tasks > Software > Patch Management > Import Patch Data for Windows, or other Vendors) on the Parent SMP; right-click > Hierarchy > Replicate Now
          1. This process is the only way to replicate the actual Configurations / Settings of the PMImport Policy as it is defined in that policy
          2. Caution: This process to Replicate Now will replicate ALL standard replication data for the Parent SMP, and it only replicates the PMImport data if it is solely set to run on this schedule, for if it is set to run on the ‘Patch Management Import Data Replication for Microsoft’ schedule: it will not replicate that data as it was separate from the Delta on that setting.
            1. This process replicates the .cab data and executes the PMImport on the Child SMP as it is currently configured
    4. Advisory: The 'Standard Replication Schedule' for the NS Core Replication process should be staggered for each Child SMP in the environment
      1. Example: ChildSMP1 runs 'PMImport Replication Schedule' on the 'Use Standard Replication Settings' at 2am, so if the ChildSMP2 is configured to run the 'PMImport Replication Schedule' on the 'Use Standard Replication Settings' it should be configured to run at 3am, and so on for each additional Child SMP.
      2. This ensures the Parent SMP is not overwhelmed with process replication to all Child SMP's on one single schedule.
  3. When the 'PMImport Replication Schedule' replication job runs; the NS Core processes execute the data stream to replicate the PMImport Task policy settings to the Child SMP:
    1. The data stream details the configurations of the Parent PMImport Task; including the Languages, Exclusions, and other General Settings.
    2. Further configuration and scheduling of the ‘Patch Management Import Data Replication for Microsoft’ is detailed on KM: HOWTO58954
      1. Older PM versions detailed on KM: HOWTO9874 
  4. Child SMP processes the data streamed at the time of the 'PMImport Replication Schedule'
    1. The Import Patch Data for Windows configuration details (e.g. General Settings, Vendors and Software [exclusions] and Languages) and are configured on the Child SMP.
  5. Child SMP runs the Patch Management Import for Microsoft as soon as the replication process detailed in the 'PMImport Replication Schedule' is complete;
    1. If the Child SMP 'Schedule' is configured to run at 7am on the Parent SMP; that Child SMP will run the PMImport shortly after that time when the replication rules have finished.
    2. PM 7.1 SP1: Child SMP downloads the catalog.xml (.cab file) currently available from the SolutionSam site
      1. Post PM 7.1 SP2: Child SMP downloads the catalog.xml (.cab file) directly from the Parent SMP
  6. Child SMP concludes the PMImport with the Download Software Update Packages process
    1. This process will hit the external Vendor Site & to obtain the package files (.bat and Installer files etc)
    2. If the Child SMP is within a DMZ (No Internet); work through for 7.0: HOWTO9724, and for 7.1-7.6: HOWTO59024

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