What is the procedure to load CIs using a .XLSX file on CA CMDB/Service Desk R12.6 using GRLoader from CA CMDB/Service Desk Manager(SDM) 12.7?


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GRLoader in CA SDM Release 12.7 is compatible with earlier releases of CA CMDB/Service Desk, but earlier releases of GRLoader are incompatible with CA CMDB/SDM Release 12.7.

For example, a site has an existing CA CMDB r11.2 installation and later installs CA CMDB/SDM 12.7, so the site has two installations. GRLoader 12.7 works with both installed systems, but GRLoader r11.2 only works with the r11.2 installation.


Below is an example of how to load the CIs using the sample file, grloader_sample_spreadsheet.xlsx. which is available in CA SDM 12.7, to an earlier version of CA CMDB/Service Desk, in this case, 12.6.

Please perform the following steps:

From the Service Desk 12.7 server, copy the following files:

  • grloader.exe from NX_ROOT\bin
  • the Grloader folder and the following files from the NX_ROOT\java\lib folder:
  • Grloader.jar
  • dom4j.jar
  • poi-ooxml-schemas.jar
  • poi.jar
  • poi-ooxml.jar
  • xmlbeans.jar
  • the grloader_sample_spreadsheet.xlsx file from NX_ROOT\samples\GRLoader
  • the Grloader folder from NX_ROOT\java\bin

On the Service Desk 12.6 server, stop the Service Desk Manager services and rename the following files:

  • grloader.exe from NX_ROOT\bin.
  • Grloader folder from NX_ROOT\java\bin
  • On the 12.6 server, replace the files in the NX_ROOT\bin and NX_ROOT\java\lib folders. with those copied from the 12.7 server.
  • Start the Service Desk manager services on the r12.6 server and run the following command to load the CIs using the sample grloader_sample_spreadsheet.xlsx file

    grloader -u ServiceDesk -p *********** -s http://localhost:8080 -E -i grloader_sample_spreadsheet.xlsx -sss Sheet1 -aer yes -n

Below is the expected output:

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 1

Note: The above method is provided for your consideration and is not officially supported.


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