How to gather crash dumps for PGP Desktop/Symantec Encryption Desktop


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The purpose of this article is to cover a few solutions to gathering application crash dumps for Encryption related processes a Windows client.  This is useful when the application is crashing for some reason and we need to get dumps to analyze the problem and debug the application.



Solution 1)  Using Task Manager in Windows 7 to gather application dump. This is one way of gathering a memory dump of the application while it's still running. If it's crashing quickly and you need to debug that, try one of the other solutions past Solution 1 below

  • Press CTRL-ALT-DEL on the keyboard
  • Select Start Task Manager
  • Select Processes tab
  • Right click on the process name (Example:. PGPtray.exe)
  • Select "Create Dump file"
  • Manually browse to the location that is listed in the output of the dump selection window on where to find the memory dump


Solution 2)  Using Dr. Watson (available on XP and Windows 7) to gather the crash dump

  • Enable dr watson
  • Start --> Run --> drwtsn32 -i  for information
  • Uncheck append
  • Run drwtsn32 to start the debugger and then watch for the dump file


Solution 3) Creating the dump file using DebugDiag

  • Download and install DebugDiag from
  • Start DebugDiag and "Add Rule" (if it doesn't popup)
  • Select "Crash" and "A specific process"
  • Select process "PGPtray.exe"
  • Click on "Configure"
  • For Action Type enable "Full Userdump"
  • You can adjust the location to where the dumps are written to.
  • "Activate the rule now"

Please note: If you have localized version of Windows 7 Operation System installed, please create a group with named in English "Users" before the installation of Debug Diagnostic Utility. This group have to be created for Windows installations where default user group was renamed to translated equivalent due to OS localization in order to avoid user error at the time of installation. Please add user account that will install Debug Diagnostic Utility to this group.