How can I add a signature line to Purchase Orders printed with the right-click Print Preview item action?


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How can I add a signature line to Purchase Orders printed with the right-click Print Preview item action?


Please Note: The following information is provided as a courtesy example of how to modify Asset Management's right-click printable forms, such as the one used for the Purchase Order print preview window. This information is provided "as is" and is considered a customization of the out of box product. Any additional questions on how to modify print preview windows is therefore not covered by Symantec Technical Support and should instead be referred to Symantec Consulting Services, which can be found here:

Asset Management includes the ability to customize the printing of certain receiving items print preview windows, such as for Purchase Orders, through the use of XSL transformation files. Implementing a customization through these XSLT files require the customer to have expertise in some or all of the following technologies:

  • XSLT programming
  • HTML markup
  • CSS markup
  • RTF markup

These XSLT files can be found in the following location on the Symantec Management Platform server:

<install drive>:\Program Files\Altiris\AssetControl\Web\Printing

A sample Purchase Order XSLT file has been attached to this article, which includes a customization to display a signature line at the end of the last page printed. This is HTML based XSLT and only applies to Purchase Orders objects printed through the right-click Print Preview item action.

Use the following steps to install and use this sample file:

  1. Rename the "Purchase Order.html.xslt" file found in the \Printing\ folder to "Purchase Order old.html.xslt".
  2. Download the attached "Purchase Order.html.xslt" file and copy it into the the \Printing folder.
  3. In the Symantec Management Platform, select and right click on a purchase order and then click on Print Preview. The modified print preview window appears, with a "Signature" line at the bottom of the page.
  4. If desired, print the Purchase Order using the Print function within Internet Explorer.

Notes and Limitations

  • This sample was originally developed for Asset Management 6.5 using Internet Explorer 7.0. However, this has been tested in Asset Management 7.1 using Internet Explorer 8, and appears to work equally as well.
  • When the Purchase Order line items table exceeds one page, the signature line may appear in the center of the first page in the initial Internet Explorer view but should print at the bottom of the last page when actually printed.
  • This customization does not add new fields to the print preview, but adds a line of text only. This article does not discuss how to add additional fields, such as any remaining out of box fields or custom fields such as an address, to the print preview window. This sort of modification would require much more extensive customization of how the product functions and cannot easily be implemented. The customer is encouraged therefore to contact Symantec Consulting Services for this if they wish to have more extensive customizations beyond the simple addition of text to the print preview window.


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