What do the Compliance status codes mean when a Detection Check runs?


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The status codes are stored in the database, and can be utilized to understand the statuses being sent back to the Notification Server. This information is stored in the Inv_Policy_Compliance_Status table. This table is the basis for most of our Compliance reports.

The column that contains the codes is labeled: Compliance
The following codes are stored in this table:

  • 0 = NotCompliant
  • 1 = Unknown - If this is the first time the policy has loaded the compliance status, it will send it up as 'unknown'. Also if policy has changed the status will be set to unknown.
  • 2 = Warning - You are not likely to see this status as it is Reserved in the code and not currently used.
  • 3 = Compliant
  • 4 = PendingReboot
  • 5 = PendingUserLogoff
  • 6 = NotApplicable