How to Decommission a PGP Remote Disable and Destroy Enabled Client System


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Decommissioning a PGP Remote Disable and Destroy (PGP RDD) Enabled Client System

When you decommission a client system, no more rendezvous timers are triggered. The client system is deactivated but is still encrypted.

To decommission a client system:

1. Log into the administrative interface.
2. Select Services > PGP RDD.
3. Click Manage PGP RDD with Intel Anti-Theft Technology.
4. In All Systems, select Decommissioned in the drop-down menu next to the decommissioned computer,  and click Save.

After a successful rendezvous, Intel AT deactivates the client system. The status changes from Decommissioned (pending) to Decommissioned.