Patch Management Solution - Compliance Reports will not show that updates are installed until reboot is performed.


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




When updates are installed via Altiris Patch Management Solution, the machine needs to
reboot in order for the patching reports to show the updates as installed.

Example: If a machine is patch up to 100% compliance the report will still show as a lower percentage until a reboot is performed.

The Patch Management reporting process does not return back as installed when the update exits with a 3010 return code or if the update has the <forceReboot>True</forceReboot> flag set in the update's xml.

If you cannot reboot your patched machines but need to know which updates successfully installed with a reboot required status you can run the following SQL query on the Symantec_CMDB or import the attached report containing this query: 

select vComputer.Name [Computer], SWDA.Name [Update], SWDESC.Successful, SWDESC.RequiresReboot from vPMCore_SWDEventExecutionSuccessByComputer SWDESC
left join vComputer on SWDESC._ResourceGuid = vComputer.Guid
left join SWDAdvertisement SWDA on SWDESC.AdvertisementId = SWDA.AdvertisementId
order by vComputer.Name

Warning: this query and report are not supported by Symantec and may require modification.


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