Symantec File Share Encryption in conjunction with Dropbox FAQ's


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Q: What are the system requirements for integrating with Dropbox?

A: The integration of Symantec File Share Encryption and Dropbox requires the installation of the following software:

  • Symantec Encryption Desktop (Windows), v. 10.3.0, on a managed client, licensed for Symantec File Share Encryption for Windows.
  • Dropbox, v. 1.4.11
  • Dropbox Application (Windows) .
  • Symantec iOS File Share App for iPod, iPhone and iPad.
  • Symantec Encryption Management Server 3.3. (not in the DMZ)
  • LDAP directory synchronization has to be enabled.
  • Dropbox settings have to be enabled in consumer policy (Consumers > Consumer Policy > Consumer Policy Options > Desktop > File Share).
  • The software can be installed in any sequence.


Q: Where can I download the Symantec iOS File Share App?

A: The iOS Symantec File Share app is available as a free application in Apple App Store


Q: I have been using Dropbox all the time and now I want to secure my existing files. What do I need to do?

A: If you have been using Dropbox, and then install Symantec Encryption Desktop, existing files in the Dropbox folder are unaffected. You must update them to trigger the encryption.


Q: What happens if I uninstall Dropbox from my PC?

A:  Once Symantec File Share Encryption and Dropbox are integrated, if you uninstall Dropbox, Symantec File Share Encryption continues to protect the files in the Dropbox folder.  To remove this protection, manually decrypt the files and folders.


Q: I am using Symantec File Share Encryption software on a standalone client. Can I still encrypt my files in Dropbox?

A: No, this feature is only available in a Symantec Encryption Management Server managed environment.


Q: Which keys can I encrypt to?

A: You can encrypt to the user's local keys and also add additional keys like Group keys and/or ADK's


Q: Sometimes I am working on a different computer at home. What happens to the files that I upload to the Dropbox during that time?

A: If you are away from the office and creating or updating a file, place the file in your local Dropbox folder that uses the same account as the Dropbox folder on your Windows system.

  • Unless you have Symantec Encryption Desktop installed at home, the Dropbox application uploads the file in plain text to your Dropbox folder in the cloud.
  • During Dropbox synchronization, the Dropbox application downloads that unencrypted file to your Windows Dropbox folder.
  • To encrypt that file, update the file and then save it back to your Dropbox folder. During the next synchronization, your encrypted file is uploaded to the cloud.


Q: I cannot see the typical lock icon on my encrypted files in the Dropbox folder. How can I know if the files are encrypted or not?

A:  A file that Symantec File Share Encryption encrypts typically displays a lock icon. In the Dropbox folder, however, no lock icon appears, to allow clear viewing of Dropbox icons.

To verify that a file in the Dropbox folder is encrypted. In Windows Explorer, do one of the following:

  1. Right-click the file and select Properties from the list, or
  2. Select File > Properties from the list. If there is a Symantec File Share tab, then this file is encrypted. Alternatively, if you try to open an encrypted file and your credentials are not cached,
  3. Symantec File Share Encryption will prompt you for your credentials.
  4. If there is a Symantec File Share tab, then this file is encrypted. Alternatively, if you try to open an encrypted file and your credentials are not cached,
  5. Symantec File Share Encryption will prompt you for your credentials.


Q: How can I share encrypted files with others from my Dropbox?

A:  To share encrypted files, each user must have Symantec Encryption Desktop installed.

To share key access to encrypted files:

  1. Exchange your public keys with each other
  2. Belong to the same group that the files are encrypted to
  3. To share Dropbox files and folders with other users: See instructions on the Dropbox web site ( Various degrees of sharing are available.  


Q: Can I decrypt files directly from the Dropbox Cloud?

A: No, you have to decrypt the files from Symantec File Share. If the right-click Decrypt menu option is available when you use Symantec Encryption Desktop for Windows, it does not work for cloud decryption. If you select it, an error appears.


Q: Can I use Symantec File Share Encryption with Dropbox on a Linux, Android or a Mac system?

A: Since the Symantec File Share Encryption is only working on a Windows system, the files cannot be encrypted from the systems mentioned above. 


Q: Which key modes are supported?

A: Users must have SKM, SCKM, or GKM keys. Users cannot use CKM keys to view encrypted content on iOS devices