How to install Symantec Barcode Manager onto a workstation


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Note: Symantec Barcode Manager is the application that Symantec Barcode Solution installs to a workstation to use in the Symantec Management Platform Console.

  1. On the workstation that is to be used with Symantec Barcode Manager, log in as a local administrator that is a domain user and is also in an Altiris Security Role that has permissions to use Barcode. Note: The user must be logged in as a local administrator. A domain administrator account will work too, as long as it is part of the local administrators group for that workstation. If the user is not logged in while performing the install, it will not succeed.
  2. In a Symantec Management Platform Console, click on the Manage button > Service and Asset Management > Barcode.
  3. Click on the Barcode Solution folder at the top left of the window.
  4. In the Quick Links section, click on Install Barcode Manager. Note: This should initially have an "x" icon next to it, indicating that Symantec Barcode Manager is not installed. If it has previously been installed, a checkbox will instead appear. Symantec Barcode Manager should then therefore already be installed and working. If so, Symantec Barcode Manager would then appear to already be installed, and if a handheld device is to be used, skip these instructions and instead refer to the related article HOWTO82303.
  5. On the "Message from webpage" window, which states that Symantec Barcode Manager was not found or an older version was detected, click on the OK button.
  6. If Internet Explorer shows a message at its top asking to trust installing the .cab file, "This website wants to install the following add-on: '' from 'Symantec Corporation'. If you want to install it, click here.", click on this message if you agree.

    a. Click on "Install This Add-on for All Users on This Computer".
    b. Skip back to step 4.
  7. If User Access Control (UAC) is enabled and prompts to allow changes, click on the Yes button.
  8. The Symantec Barcode Manager Setup window appears. Click on the Next button. Tip: This window may initially appear underneath the Console window. If this does not appear reasonably soon after steps 6 or 8, check the Windows Taskbar to be sure that it's not waiting there, behind other windows. If so, click on it to bring it to the foreground.
  9. After reviewing the Destination Folder, click on the Next button.
  10. If only the Console Barcode Manager (Symantec Barcode Manager) is to be installed, continue with Console Only Components. If both the Console Barcode Manager and a handheld device will be installed with Symantec Barcoder, instead click on Complete. Note: If Microsoft Windows Mobile or ActiveSync is not installed, the user will be prompted to set these up if choosing Complete. This is required to enable the handheld device to communicate to the workstation. Information about troubleshooting this can be found here:

    Unable to get Barcode handheld device to work with Windows Mobile
  11. Click on the Next button. If Microsoft SQL Server 3.5 for Windows Desktop was not installed from the Pre-requisites section, Symantec Barcode Manager installation will stop and result in a warning. If this occurs, click on the Cancel button, and exit the installation. Go back to the Pre-requisites section to ensure that Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 is installed before continuing. 
  12. The Symantec Barcode Manager Setup window now displays "Ready to Install the Application". Click on the Next button.
  13. Click on the Finish button. Symantec Barcode Manager is now installed onto the workstation. In Windows Programs and Features > Symantec Barcode Manager now appears.
  14. Symantec Barcode Manager can be accessed by going into a Symantec Management Platform Console and then clicking on Home > Service and Asset Management > Barcode > Scanning > Symantec Barcode Console Application.
  15. If Symantec Barcoder is desired to be installed to a handheld device (as selected in step 11), continue installation of this by using the following article:

    How to install Symantec Barcoder onto a handheld device

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