SNMP error (Variable not found is ntInterrupts.0. [])
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SNMP error (Variable not found is ntInterrupts.0. [])


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CA eHealth



No data in reports, polls being dropped in the system.log
Error in messages.stats.log:
Pgm nhiPoller[Net]: 'ELEMENT_NAME': received an SNMP error (the request referenced an incorrect community or index, or an unsupported MIB) (Variable notfound is ntInterrupts.0. [])


The issue may be with the OS counters. Not SystemEDGE/eHealth. One or more of the performance (perf) counters may not be enabled.

Please try using the Extensible Performance Counter List tool to see if you can enable the counter(s):

You can use this on platforms other than Win2000.

It (exctrlst.exe) will install in C:\Program Files\Resource Kit. Just double-click exctrlst.exe and make sure perfDisk, PerfNet, PerfOS and PerfProc are enabled. If you find they are, toggle them (disable the four mentioned and then re-enable). If you enable or even toggle them, stop and restart SystemEDGE.

If you find that the counters are already enabled they will need to rebuild them:


Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements