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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange




Mail Security automatically creates the following user groups and assigns them access when you install the product:


Permits read and write access to all Mail Security components and features.

Users in this group can change settings for Mail Security through the console.

The user who installs Mail Security is automatically added to the SMSMSE Admins group.

SMSMSE Viewers

Permits read-only access to Mail Security components and features.

Users in this group cannot change settings for Mail Security. Users can view reports, event logs, and settings through console-only installations.

See Installing the Mail Security console.

The user groups are domain-wide for Active Directory. You can use the Active Directory Users and Computers Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in to change membership in the groups.

Users must be designated in one of the SMSMSE user groups to access the product. For example, administrators who are not in one of the SMSMSE user groups are not granted access to Mail Security. Adding a user to the SMSMSE Admins group does not automatically grant the user Windows Local Administrator, Windows Domain Administrator, or Exchange administrator rights.

Security is also set for the Mail Security registry key and file folders during the security set-up process. You must have administrator access to the local servers and domain administrator rights for the security set-up to proceed.