How to modify registry settings using Deployment Solution


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How do I modify registry settings using Deployment Solution?


  1. Create a Filename.reg file with the registry setting you want and place it in a location on the Deployment Solution Server’s eXpress share. In this example, the REGMODIFY folder was created and placed the file at:


  2. Create a batch file similar to the following. You will need to modify the file to meet you specific needs.

    Important: DeploymentServer needs to be replaced with the name of your Deployment Server. Filename needs to be replaced with the filename of the .reg file you want to deploy.

    @echo off
    cd c:\
    md Altiris_TEMP\REGMODIFY\
    net use n: \\DeploymentServer\express\REGMODIFY /persistent:no
    copy n:\Filename.reg c:\altiris_TEMP\REGMODIFY\
    net use n: /delete
    cd C:\Altiris_TEMP\REGMODIFY\
    regedit.exe /s Filename.reg
    cd \
    rmdir C:\Altiris_TEMP /s /q

    Note: The batch file will:
    • Create a C:\Altiris_TEMP\REGMODIFY\ folder.
    • Map the N drive to the Deployment Server’s express share’s \REGMODIFY folder.
    • Copy the Filename.reg file from the Deployment Server to C:\Altiris_TEMP\REGMODIFY folder on the computer.
    • Remove the mapping of N.
    • Use Regedit with the Filename.reg to modify the computer’s registry.
    • Remove the C:\Altiris_TEMP folder, subfolder (REGMODIFY), and files from the computer

      Important:Test the batch file with .reg file on a test computer and make sure you get the results you want before deploying it to your production environment.
  3. Place the batch file in a location on the Deployment Server’s eXpress share. In this case study, I placed the file at:


  4. In the Deployment Console, create a new job by right-clicking in the Jobs pane and clicking New Job.
  5. Enter a descriptive name for the job. In this example, “REGMODIFY” was used.
  6. Click the Add button and select Run Script.The Run Script page appears.
  7. Click the Run the script from file option and enter the path and file name of the script to run. In this case study, I placed the batch file at:


  8. Click the Next button.The next page appears.
  9. In the Client Run Environment section, Script options sub-section, in the Script Window field, select Hidden.
  10. Click the Finish button.The Job Properties window appears.
  11. Click OK to close the window.
  12. Drag and drop the job onto the computer or collection of computers you want to modify.


Use reg add Here