Enabling outbreak management


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange




Outbreak management is enabled by default. You can specify the interval during which you want Mail Security to check for outbreaks. By default, the interval is set to every two minutes.


At least one outbreak trigger must be enabled for outbreak management to work.

See Configuring outbreak triggers

To enable outbreak management

  1. In the console on the primary navigation bar, click Policies.

  2. In the sidebar under General, click Outbreak.

  3. In the content area under Outbreak, check Enable Outbreak Management.

    This option is enabled by default.

  4. In the Check for Outbreaks every ___ minutes box, type the interval in minutes that you want Mail Security to monitor your server for outbreaks.

    The default value is 2 minutes.

  5. On the toolbar, click Deploy changes to apply your changes.

    See Deploying settings and changes to a server or group