Configuring notification settings for scan violations


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange




You can specify the administrators, users, or computers that should receive email notifications about scan violations. Restrict the issuing of alerts to a small list of interested administrators to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Email notifications can be issued when a Mail Security scan detects a policy violation or an outbreak. An alert can also be sent to notify an administrator when a server experiences a critical service failure.

You can also customize the subject line and message text for each type of notification message when you configure policies and rules.


Email notifications are sent only to the names and addresses that can be resolved against Active Directory. If you install Mail Security on the Edge server role, type a fully qualified email address (for example, [email protected]).

To configure notification settings for scan violations

  1. In the console on the primary navigation bar, click Monitors.

  2. In the sidebar under Views, click Notification Settings.

  3. In the content area, in the Address of sender to use in email notification box, type the email address of the sender that you want to use for email notifications.

  4. In the Administrators or others to notify box, type the email addresses of administrators and users to notify.

    Separate each entry by commas. If you include an email address that is not within your domain, type the fully qualified email address (for example, [email protected]).

  5. On the toolbar, click Deploy changes to apply your changes.

    See Deploying settings and changes to a server or group